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I was just thinking how cool it would be to turn my two couches into some kind of mega comfy living room nest and then I remembered I live alone and there is literally nothing that can stop me from doing this.


Did it.

you are the future

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be a pal and like people’s text posts. reblog their selfies. respond to their questions. even if you don’t know the answer and even if you’ve never really talked to them before. there’s nothing worse that feeling alone on a website where everyone promotes love and friendship.

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19. August 2014



Aries: Food

Taurus: Food

Gemini: Food

Cancer: Food

Leo: Food

Virgo: Food

Libra: Food

Scorpio: Murder

Sagittarius: Food

Capricorn: Food

Aquarius: Food

Pisces: Food

One of these is not like the others

Having an ex and step sister that fall into the “other” category, I am thinking this may be the most accurate representation of horoscopes I’ve ever seen

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what a beautiful day to not be in high school

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my social studies teacher once told us “human beings are the most selfish of all. even when someone dies, you shed tears only because they are no more around to provide you with whatever they had been for so long”

and it has been 3 years since she said this and this is still what i think about at night

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